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Advertising Program Policy


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1.0 - Draft 1

Issued for review and comment


2.0 - Draft 2

Advertising Options


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Advertising options and cost revision


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PMI Kentucky Bluegrass Chapter1 

Background & Objectives. 3 

Advertising Policy. 3 

   General Guidelines. 3 

   Advertising Submittal Requirements. 4 

Operationalizing the Advertising Policy. 4 

    Roles and Responsibilities. 4 

      Ownership of this Policy. 4 

      External Promotion/Advertisement of the Policy. 5 

      Managing Advertisements Submitted. 5 

      Publication of Accepted Advertisements. 5 

      Payments for Advertisements. 6 

Appendix A: Advertising Options and Rates. 7 

      A) Sponsored Announcements. 7 

      B) Newsletter Advertisements. 8 

      C) Event Advertisements. 8 

      D) Advertisement of Job Openings. 9 

      E) Reciprocal Advertising. 9 

      F) Chapter Member Discount Advertising. 10 

      G) Monthly Lunch/Dinner Meeting Sponsorship. 10 

Acceptance and Conditions. 11 

Claims Regarding Certification Programs. 11 

Liability. 11 


Background & Objectives

PMI Kentucky Bluegrass Chapter (PMIKYBGC) invites organizations and individuals to advertise goods or services through the chapter monthly newsletter and/or website.  The objective is to augment our revenue generation for the chapter by accepting paid advertisements. The purpose of this policy is to define the rules which will be used to solicit, review, accept, and include advertisements submitted by advertisers.

This policy document contains two major sections:

1.      Statement of the Chapter's Advertising Policy

2.      Operational Procedure the Board will use to implement the policy

Advertising Policy

General Guidelines

  • Any organization or individual may submit advertisements.
  • All items submitted for publication are subject to review by the PMIKYBGC Board of Directors. This board has the right to refuse/reject any ad based on content and/or space constraints, and in this case will refund all monies accompanying the submitted ad.
  • Advertisements must meet the criteria of professional appeal or interest to the PMIKYBGC membership. Generally, advertisement should be focused on project management related products, services, or organizational awareness.
  • Advertisements that do not meet these criteria are subject to being rejected.
  • Announcements made on behalf of PMI International or other PMI chapters will not be considered advertising, and thus no fees will be charged.
  • The following disclaimer will accompany all paid advertising: "The PMIKYBGC publishes this advertisement as a service to our members. This is not an endorsement of the services or products of this vendor by the PMIKYBGC."
  • These promotional rates are deeply discounted; are valid for only limited time and subject to change without advance notice.

Advertising Submittal Requirements

  • All advertisements must be publication-ready. This means they must be electronically transferable writing (MS Word) or graphics using Hi Resolution JPEG.
  • PMIKYBG will not modify or maintain advertisement materials.
  • In addition to the advertisement, the submission must include a completed Advertising Order Request and Release Waiver Form
  • All advertisements must be submitted via E-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. on or before the second Monday of the month to be published on the ‘second Wednesday of the month.' Communication with the provided contact will be made in order to secure payment for the advertisement and seek any other information that may be required.  Payment must be made to PMIKYBGC before the advertisement will be published.
  • Payment for newsletter advertisements must be made via PayPal or Check .
  • An initial confirmation of receipt of the advertisement will be made within two business days of submission.  This merely informs the submitter that the advertisement has been received.
  • A decision to accept/reject the advertisement will be made within ten business days of the submission.  The submitter will be informed of this decision via E-mail.

Operationalizing the Advertising Policy

This section describes how the Advertising Policy will be operationalized within the PMIKYBGC. 

Roles and Responsibilities

There are five major areas of responsibility in operationalizing this policy:

1.      Ownership of this Policy

2.      External promotion/advertisement of the policy

3.      Managing advertisements submitted

4.      Publication of accepted advertisements

5.      Payments for advertisements

Ownership of this Policy

The VP Finance owns this policy and as such will be responsible for keeping it current based on the needs of the chapter. 

External Promotion/Advertisement of the Policy

The VP Finance will be responsible for promoting and advertising this policy.  Specifically, those responsibilities include:

  1. Create external version of this policy for posting on the PMIKYBGC website and keep it up to date
  2. Develop/revisit program annually for promoting/advertising this policy

The objective would be to let potential advertisers know about this option and the benefits of placing advertisements using PMIKYBGC resources.

Managing Advertisements Submitted

The VP Finance will be responsible to accept and manage the process of handling submitted advertisements.  This includes the following specific responsibilities:

  1. Contact point for advertisement submissions
  2. Make accept/reject decisions on all submitted advertisements:
  • VP Finance is delegated authority by the board to make decisions on acceptability of advertisements based on the published policy.
  • VP Finance agrees to inform the board of any advertisements that might be viewed as controversial in any way and to request input from the board.
  • VP Finance will work closely with the Communications to assure technical completeness of each submission and to assure timely publication of those advertisements accepted for publication by the VP Finance.
  1. Communicate with advertiser as needed regarding acceptance/rejection of advertisement and for all communications except those purely technical in nature (which Communications will handle).

Publication of Accepted Advertisements

Communications will be responsible for the publication of those advertisements that are formally accepted by the VP Finance based on the process in place to make those decisions.  This includes the following specific responsibilities:

  1. Review all submissions for technical specifications and communicate with the advertiser to resolve issues/questions about the advertisement itself from a technical perspective.
  2. Plan and execute advertisement layout to assure all accepted advertisements can be published.
  3. Communicate any issues with VP Finance to assure all accepted advertisements will be published per agreed to schedule and to determine responses to advertisers should there be problems with advertising capacity in a given issue.

Payments for Advertisements

The VP Finance will be responsible for all financial aspects of the advertising policy.  Specifically this includes:

  1. Providing written instructions that will explain to advertisers what their options are regarding how to pay for submitted advertisements .
  2. Monitor payments expected and/or made based on submitted advertisements.
  3. Coordinate with Communications to assure that all advertisements accepted for publication each month have in fact made payment. Include line item in budget that shows revenues associated with advertisements.


Appendix A: Advertising Options and Rates

PMI Kentucky Bluegrass Chapter (PMIKYBGC) offers several options under this advertising program:

  1. Sponsored Announcements
  2. Newsletter Advertisements
  3. Event Advertisements
  4. Advertisement of Job Openings
  5. Reciprocal Advertising
  6. Chapter Member Discount Advertising
  7. Monthly Lunch/Dinner Meeting Sponsorship


A) Sponsored Announcements

An advertisement can be purchased that will be placed on the PMIKYBGC ‘Sponsors' page. This advertisement will include a company logo, website link, and a short description.  The contents of the advertisement can be any PMIKYBGC approved subject including companies, schools, products, job openings, etc. The order of advertisements listed on the webpage will be placed in order payment is received by PMIKYBGC.


Non-PMIKYBGC Advertisement cost:


One ( 1 ) Month

Three ( 3 ) Months

Six ( 6 ) Month

Website Advertisement





Ordering Process

  • Complete and sign an Advertising Order Request and Release Waiver and enclose it with your payment. 
  • Do not forget to check the pricing option you are selecting in addition to the month(s) the event ad is to run.
  • All orders must be received two weeks prior to the first of each month. If an order is received late, it will be held until the following month. (One month lead-time is recommended for USPS mailing and handling, and three business days in the case of PayPal.)
  • Send order request and ad information via e-mail to the PMIKYBGC VP Finance at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use the PayPal option on the chapter website under the Sponsor link.
  • Make checks payable to the PMI Kentucky Bluegrass Chapter stating your invoice number and mail to:  PMI Kentucky Bluegrass Chapter, Attention: VP Finance - Sponsorship, P.O. Box 11181, Lexington, KY 40574


B) Newsletter Advertisements

An advertisement can be purchased that will be included on the monthly newsletters sent to all PMIKYBGC members. The advertisement will be imbedded in the newsletter and will include a company logo, website link, and a short description.

Newsletter advertising cost:




One ( 1 ) Month

Three ( 3 ) Months

Six ( 6 ) Month

Business card (or 6 lines of text)

2 1/8 x 3 7/8




¼ page

3 7/8 x 5




½ page

3 7/8 x 10 or

7 1/2 x 5




Full page

7 1/2 x 10





Ordering Process




C) Event Advertisements

An advertisement can be purchased that will be located on the PMIKYBGC website calendar and/or newsletter.  This advertisement will include the event date, number of PDU's, cost, company, and a registration link. The order of advertisements listed on the webpage or newsletter will be placed in the order payment is received by PMKYBG.


Non-PMIKYBGC Event advertising cost:



One ( 1 ) Month

Three ( 3 ) Months

Six ( 6 ) Month

Website Advertisement




Newsletter Advertisement




Combined Advertisement





Ordering Process




D) Advertisement of Job Openings

Job openings can be advertised on the PMIKYBGC website and/or monthly newsletter for free.

Ordering Process

• Send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for more information.


E) Reciprocal Advertising

Organizations that have a similar target market to PMIKYBGC may want to enter an agreement for reciprocal advertisement. The advertisement will include the reciprocal company logo, company name, and a website link as well as identify the company as a Registered Education Provider (REP) with PMI (if applicable). There is no fee for this form of advertising, but similar PMIKYBGC information must be published on the reciprocal's website.


Ordering Process

Send an e-mail to the PMIKYBGC VP Finance at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a request to enter a reciprocal advertising agreement.


F) Chapter Member Discount Advertising 

Organizations that have a similar target market to PMIKYBGC may want to enter an agreement to allow PMIKYBGC members a discount rate to their sponsored events (on-line or in-person). The advertisement will include the reciprocal company logo, company name, a website link and the % discount, and identify the company as a Registered Education Provider (REP) with PMI (if applicable). There is no fee for this form of advertising.


Ordering Process

Send an e-mail to the PMIKYBGC VP Finance at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a request to enter a reciprocal advertising agreement.


G) Monthly Lunch/Dinner Meeting Sponsorship

Another way to promote your company's products or services is to sponsor a PMIKYBGC lunch or dinner meeting.  Sponsorship includes a 6-foot skirted display table at the Lunch/Dinner Meeting location during the pre-meeting reception and a meal for up to two vendor representatives (pre-registration required). Sponsorship will also include recognition in the Monthly Lunch or Dinner Meeting e-mail announcement and on the dinner meeting's calendar event.

The cost for sponsoring a Lunch/Dinner Meeting is $275.


Ordering Process


A) All Multi-months shown are consecutive

B) Additional discount for Combined/Multi-months


Acceptance and Conditions 

All advertisements submitted are subject to the acceptance and approval of PMI Kentucky Bluegrass Chapter (PMIKYBGC) Advertisements that are deceptive or misleading (by either statement or omission), make unsupported claims, are detrimental to the public interest or are otherwise incompatible with the character of PMI and its publications will not be accepted. PMI Kentucky Bluegrass Chapter (PMIKYBGC), in its sole discretion, reserves the right to decline to accept any proposed advertising and this right shall not be deemed to be waived by prior acceptance or actual use of any advertising matter. Publishing or acceptance of an advertisement is neither a guarantee nor endorsement of the Advertiser's product or service. In consideration for PMI Kentucky Bluegrass Chapter's agreeing to publish an advertisement, Advertisers agree that they are fully authorized and licensed to use all intellectual property contained in the advertisement and that the use of the name of any individual or entity in a testimonial or other matter is authorized, not libelous, and does not constitute an invasion of privacy. Advertisers agree to defend, indemnify and hold PMI Kentucky Bluegrass Chapter (PMIKYBGC) harmless from and against any loss, expense or other liability resulting from claims or suits for libel, violation of rights of privacy or publicity, plagiarism, copyright or trademark infringement and any other claims or suits that may arise out of publication of such advertisements.


Claims Regarding Certification Programs 


PMI especially values the integrity and reputation of its certification programs and, as such, advertisements may not make misleading statements regarding PMI's Certification programs and/or their requirements. Advertisements may not imply that an Advertiser's product or service is the sole prerequisite to achieving PMI certification-they must reflect that PMI certification requires a combination of relevant education and work experience and a passing score on a PMI certification examination. Statements including success rates or other survey results must be accompanied by a description of the survey group and the method of calculation, such as "Based on the results reported to the Company by Acme Survey, 100% of its customers who used a product or service in 2003..." Additionally, any "guarantees" or "warranties" made by the advertiser regarding its products or services must be sufficiently detailed to permit the public to evaluate the accuracy and truthfulness of such claims. For example, if an advertisement states that a person is "guaranteed to pass a PMI certification examination" the terms of that guarantee must be fully stated such as "a student's course fees will be fully refunded if the student does not pass the exam and makes a request for a refund within 30 days of taking the exam" or "guarantee includes permission to take Company's course again at no charge."




Although run by volunteers as a not for profit organization, PMI Kentucky Bluegrass Chapter would make its best efforts to meet publication dates and meeting schedules, etc. However, there might be occasions beyond its control or due to oversight that a publication or meeting might be delayed, cancelled or rescheduled, and/or web site inoperative for a period of time.  Further incomplete performance or nonperformance by PMI Kentucky Bluegrass Chapter might arise in the event of Acts of God, action by any governmental or quasi-governmental entity, fire, flood, insurrection, riot, explosion, embargo, strikes whether legal or illegal, labor or material shortage, transportation interruption of any kind, work slow-down, act of terrorism or any other unforeseen conditions.

In such cases the advertiser/sponsor will keep PMI Kentucky Bluegrass Chapter harmless and indemnify from any compensation other than correcting the situation or fulfilling it obligation for the number of advertisements, exposures or meetings, or refunding prorated amounts that shall not exceed the amount paid to PMI Kentucky Bluegrass Chapter.



 Prepared By:  Daryl Keltz, PMP - VP Marketing
 Approved By:  Christy Adams, PMP - President
   Metty Joseph, PMP - VP Finance
   Tammy O'Donnell, PMP - VP Planning



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