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Providing value to our membership is the primary driving force behind the offerings of the Kentucky PMI Bluegrass Chapter.  We have heard from our members that learning about volunteer opportunities is a feature that is much desired.

Our past volunteer process was limited, so your Kentucky Bluegrass chapter has transitioned to the PMI Volunteer Relationship Management System (VRMS).  This change allows you to complete a single PMI Global profile and obtain, via direct email, opportunities to volunteer both locally, as well as for broader PMI global opportunities.

PMIBluegrass will list all volunteer opportunities in the VRMS.  You will be able to see in the VRMS all opportunities at the chapter and global level from a single web location.  Members who complete a profile in VRMS and accept email notifications, will receive a direct email to their preferred PMI email address when any postings come up that meet your selected interests.

Getting started is easy.  The first step is to access the PMI Global VRMS web site and Login.  If you wish, there is a VRMS GUIDES link at the top of the page (next to your name) which provides a web-based training session that will explain the value of VRMS as well as the steps to complete your profile and to begin receiving notifications. Otherwise, select the “VIEW and UPDATE VOLUNTEER PROFILE” link to begin completing your profile. There are many AREAS OF INTEREST that you can select from depending on your expertise or growth interests. Once completed, PMI Global will drive appropriate volunteer opportunities, based on your selections to you. Chapter officers will list all volunteer opportunities, whether a one-time event or activity, or longer term volunteer opportunities using the VRMS tool.  All volunteer opportunities that meet your interests will be directly pushed to you via email, and you can respond and apply by clicking on the link provided in the message.  Your completion of that on-line application will then push your interest to the officer or organization posting the opportunity.

You can also select the “FIND AN OPPORTUNITY” link to immediately see what opportunities are available locally, nationally or internationally, depending on your selection criteria.

We hope you find our connection to the PMI VRMS an enhancement to your volunteering search!

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