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Message from President Christy

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A Note from President Christy Weilage

Hello, Bluegrass Chapter PMs!

Welcome to a very turbulent November! As if a pandemic isn’t enough, now we have a federal election that won’t end. We don’t even ask what’s next. In the Bluegrass PMI realm, we’ve had a couple of really lively and well-attended virtual luncheons over the past couple of months. We’re still waiting to speak with Senator McConnell about PMI’s status as a 501(c)(6) taxable entity. This will probably happen now that he’s been re-elected. I’m also having conversations with some other chapters across the nation with regard to increasing their member engagement. We’re always looking to add value for our members and I’ll report back on other chapters' success stories.

In case you missed it: in our last luncheon presentation, Bert Walther discussed the possibility of us gathering for a PM-lite social event in early December. Keep your eyes open for that email with more details and a special surprise from the chapter board.

Bert also announced that the chapter wants to hold a Professional Development Day (PDD) in late April 2021. You’ll get more information on that as it develops but we’re going to need a PM to run that show. If you feel like volunteering for a good cause and earning some valuable PDUs, this is your chance. (We have scripts and templates from previous PDDs, so you won't be starting from scratch.)

Finally, I want to express my gratitude to all our chapter members and to those who have volunteered to help out this year. It’s been a strange and sometimes overwhelming year but you’ve been a great team, and gone above and beyond. In particular, thank you to our meeting presenters this year, to Bobbie Newman (Communications), Bert Walther (PMIBG Officer), Amy Moore (PMIBG Officer), and Vasu Ramakrishnan (Past President). 

See you in December!


Christy Weilage, PMP, CCMP

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