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Some Highlights on the PMI Bluegrass Road Map

The sun seems to shine brightly in our Bluegrass State – shining also is our chapter’s growth and success!

We had great turnouts for our April chapter meetings at both Lexington and Frankfort locations. A huge SHOUT OUT to our presenter Curtis Evanoff for showcasing Marikka’s huge reconstruction and expansion project, and to all the members who took their time to attend these meetings, making project management their priority. Be sure to check out Marikka’s – as the saying goes, “Seeing is believing!”

With May flowers blooming, our chapter’s addition to Communications, Melissa Bright, facilitated a round-table discussion for Project Managers to share their experience and PM lessons learned, at our May chapter meeting in Lexington. Hope you had a chance to share your stories and be part of the discussion!

June’s chapter meetings (Lexington and Frankfort) will feature Kevin Richey sharing his Project Management experience on “opening your own brewpub”. What an awesome way to cool off in this hot summer month! Speaking of chilling, we extend your summer month enjoyment by giving a break in July from our chapter meetings so you can have fun with your friends, family and colleagues.

Be sure to mark your calendars for August (date TBD): PMI Bluegrass is planning our 20th Anniversary celebration that will both showcase the chapter accomplishments and also share our Lessons Learned on the path to where we are now.

A request: We need your feedback and your opinion on what we as a chapter can do and/or improve in serving the Project Management community. Click the link below and please take a few minutes to participate.


As always, PMI Bluegrass is here to help you to polish your effective project management skills through our monthly chapter meetings and presentations from renowned speakers. We are looking forward to attaining new volunteers who can selflessly give their time and talent to their Project Management community.  Stay tuned to our Bluegrass website (www.pmibluegrass.org) for updates on our chapter’s events and calls for volunteers.

I look forward to meeting some new folks and running into our current members. The excitement never stops at our Bluegrass Chapter!


Vasu Vasudevan

President, PMI Kentucky Bluegrass Chapter 


June Events for PMI Bluegrass Chapter

 PMI Bluegrass Chapter Luncheon Meetings, June 2018


Lexington:  Thursday, June 21, 2018

Where:   Lexington Eastside Branch Library, 3000 Blake James Dr, Lexington, KY 40509  ** Note the location change **

When:    Networking begins at 11:30am, presentation at noon. Registration opens June 10.


Frankfort:  Thursday, June 28, 2018

Where:   Community Room, Paul Sawyier Public Library, 319 Wapping Street, Frankfort, KY

When:    Networking begins at 11:30am, presentation at noon. Registration opens June 17.


Presentation:  A Look inside the Process: Opening Your Own Commercial Brewery

Speaker: Kevin Richey, owner and founder of Rock House Brewing








Craft beer is a growing segment of the beverage market and Lexington has a new craft beer house- Rock House Brewing. The stakeholders included a collection of home brewers and craft beer lovers, and process has been a labor of love for Kevin Richey as he balances work for Lexmark and starting his own brew pub. Don’t miss this opportunity learn more about one of Lexington’s rising hot spots.



PMI Bluegrass Chapter Luncheon Meeting for July 2018


 The chapter will be taking a summer break from the monthly luncheon meetings during July.

The PMI Bluegrass Chapter Board and Communications Committee hope you enjoy some summer fun!




Watch your email, more details will be coming soon about our Chapter 20th Anniversary event in August!


May 2018 Round Table Discussion from PMI Bluegrass Chapter Lexington Meeting

Thank you to everyone who made time for the Round Table discussion of the Top 5 Lessons Learned as a Project Manager This Year (so far). We had great participation and lots of important Project Management concepts were highlighted in a practical context.

Here are some of the key points that the group shared

Project Sponsors

  • Understanding their needs is key to project success
  • Understanding their vocabulary is key to understanding their needs.
  • Strive to give the stakeholders what they need, which may be slightly different than what they initially ask for.


  • Continue to ask, do we have all of the stakeholders at each phase and do we have the right resource for each task
  • Be sure to include the “perceive to be impacted” in the communications
  • Be aware of the stakeholders I can’t see
  • Sometimes face to face conversation is what is needed
  • Nobody eats cake without frosting: the guts of the project are a given, and the cosmetics matter.
  • Be careful if we all agree to quickly, you may have missed some key points that need to be addressed or some in the group may not have understood the impact of key decision points in sufficient detail.


  • Meeting minutes: help with accountability especially on dates, record of decisions and status, and reminder to the resources on who is doing what.
  • When the process appears complicated, try to understand why it is and then determine whether it needs to be.
  • Agendas need to highlight the purpose of the meeting so that objectives are clearly stated especially when the discussion includes staff from several disciplines
  • Several people mentioned how important having clear, concise and unambiguous communication is to a successful project. Glossaries and minutes from a meeting are both helpful tools.


  • Moving from “Command and Control” to “Guardrails” is a process that can lead to greater efficiency, but it does require discussion and education with those impacted by the change
  • Democratization of knowledge makes the knowledge bases more accessible and helps reduce the tendency for silos on expertise, and can help us all be more effective with fewer staff


  • Be aware that some decisions can’t be made until certain criteria are met, however also be careful to re-engage in the flow early enough to be fully aware of the updated information.

Human Resources

  • Training time needed tends to be under estimated
  • Loss hurts. Negative statements are felt 4-5 times more than positives statements, be careful when you need to give criticism.


Have an idea that you would like to discuss at an upcoming Round Table discussion? Then let us know by emailing PMI Kentucky Bluegrass Chapter <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>



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