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Letter from the President

Letter from the President

2020 has been a year of many growth opportunities, an exercise in determining if you'll choose to look at your glass as half full or half empty. Many people have lost jobs, many people have lost family members, and many people have lost their health for a time. If none of those experiences has touched you, consider yourself very fortunate. Misfortune, bad luck, and tragedy are a part of life just as much as good fortune, good luck and joy are.

We learn and grow in both good and bad times. We become stronger, deeper, more balanced human beings because of all of these things. As project managers, we plan and execute. We anticipate the worst-case scenarios, we build and execute, and we set the stage for success. We are resilient, creative, and have the experience to recover effectively.

So, at the end of 2020, I say "Cheers" to the Project Managers, and to being the life force in rebuilding our communities. We will be the backbone for so many in 2021. We have a mission to thrive and build. Many thanks to all you project managers for being who and what you are! And a special thank you to all our members who have stayed with us through this year, all the attendees at our chapter events, my board members for all their great work, to Bobbie Newman who has tirelessly kept us all in touch – and kept me honest and finally, thank you to The Well of Lexington for sharing your mission at our December meeting, and giving us insight into how to help out in our own backyard.

Have restful and safe holidays in the coming days. We're going to need that rest to prepare and launch anew in 2021!


Christy Weilage, PMP, CCMP


In alignment with current PMI directives and with an abundance of caution, PMI Bluegrass will be canceling our in-person membership meetings during this COVID-19 outbreak. We are working toward making meetings available online, via Webex or another method. Those of you who have registered for the March 26 meeting in Frankfort will be refunded your registration fees.  Thank you in advance for your understanding, and be safe.

Your PMI Kentucky Bluegrass Board of Directors

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